Renting Bouncy Houses: Fun Theme & Colour Ideas for Your Next Event in Singapore

renting bouncy houses jungle lion elephant theme

Looking for a unique way to make your next event in Singapore memorable? Consider renting a bouncy house! These inflatable structures are fun for all ages and can add an extra element of excitement to any gathering. Bouncy houses provide an exciting addition to any party or corporate events, catering to both kids and adults. Not only do they offer endless entertainment, but they are also a safe and active activity to keep everyone moving and having fun. With a wide range of sizes and themes available, choosing the perfect bouncy castle can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll explore some of our favorite and most creative event theme ideas to inspire your next bouncy house rental and make your next event an unforgettable experience.
Pinky Bouncy houses

Colours – Pinky Bouncy Castle

A pinky bouncy castle theme is perfect for events that need a touch of femininity and whimsy. The soft pastel shade of pink can create a welcoming atmosphere and help guests relax and have fun. This theme is especially fitting for a princess themed birthday party, a baby shower, or a wedding. By accessorizing the bouncy castle with elegant pink decor, like floral garlands or ribbons, you can elevate the aesthetic to match the occasion. Overall, a pink bouncy castle theme is a great way to create a memorable event that is both playful and sophisticated.

Colours – Blue Under the Ocean Bounce Castle Party

A Blue Under the Ocean bouncy castle party is the perfect way to bring the magic of the sea to your party. This theme includes designs with ocean-inspired colors, sea creatures like octopus, and even seaweed. Children can have fun pretending to swim under the sea as they jump on the inflatable castle.

Blue Bouncy castle with whale and dolphin design
Add in some inflatable sea creatures like sharks, whales, and dolphins to keep the kids engaged. You could also add some aquatic-themed party snacks like blue Jello cups or fish-shaped crackers.

Inflatable Princess Carriage Party

Make your little princess feel like royalty with a princess-themed bouncy house, fit for her special day. You could opt for a Frozen Ice palace or Cinderella’s castle. Add in princess decorations and snacks to give it the perfect royal touch and create a magical atmosphere.

Princess theme bouncy house

Dragon or Dino Bouncy House Theme

The Dragon or Dino bouncy castle rental is a perfect way to bring your little one’s prehistoric dreams to life. With designs like fiery dragons or ferocious dinosaurs, this jumping castle offer a sense of adventure, excitement, and energy. Allow the kids to jump around and pretend to fly on dragons or roam around like dinosaurs while enjoying the party.

boucy house within dinosaur
To add more fun to the theme, you could provide the kids with oversized egg decorations or other dinosaur-inspired snacks. Kids could also put on dinosaur hats, masks or face painting to really get into the role-playing mood.

Outer Space Astronaut Theme

For the budding astronaut or sci-fi fan, an outer space astronaut-themed bouncy house is a unique addition to any party or event. With stars, planets, rockets, and other space-themed designs, kids can have fun bouncing around feeling like they are jumping on the moon. The bouncy castle can inspire an interest in astronomy amongst the kids, and adding some astronaut costumes, helmets or decorations can enhance the theme.

astronaut theme bouncing house

To take the theme further, serve space-inspired food such as “moon rocks” (cheesy popcorn balls), “meteorite balls” (meatballs), and “rocket dogs” (hot dogs made to resemble rocket ships).

Racing Car Rally Theme Party Rental with Slide

For the car racing or speed enthusiasts, a racing car rally-themed bouncy house is the perfect addition to any celebration. Kids can enjoy bouncing and playing pretend-racing games on the bouncy house while experiencing a realistic auto-racing experience. Designs like checkered flags, racing numbers, and different cars can make the bouncy house look more like a racing track.

bouncy house in the shape of racing car
To add to the racing car rally feel, include some Hot Wheels toys or give out some racing caps or decorations like cool racing car face painting, and snacks like race tire donuts, checkerboard cupcakes or traffic light fruit skewers.

Jungle Safari Theme Inflatable Rental

Take the kids on a jungle adventure with a Jungle Safari-themed bouncy house. This theme provides inflatable designs with an array of animals like lions, giraffes, monkeys, and zebras that can inspire wild imaginations. Kids can jump around and get active while being immersed in the jungle adventure and pretending to explore while engaging in roleplaying.

jungle theme bouncy house
To enhance the Jungle Safari theme, add jungle-inspired decorations such as leaves, vines, or animals. Snacks like jungle juice, caterpillar fruit skewers, or animal crackers cater to the theme and make the kids feel like they are on an actual safari.

Bouncy House Rentals & Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Bouncy house rentals provide endless entertainment for kids and adults on any occasion. From bright colours to princesses, dinosaurs, outer space astronaut, racing car rally, jungle safari themes, there are a plethora of themes to choose from. Renting the perfect bouncy house with a visually appealing and interactive theme is an excellent way of providing unforgettable experiences to your guests. Choosing a theme that matches the guests’ interests and immersing them in it is the best way to ensure everyone has a memorable time from renting bouncy houses. Don’t settle for a boring party – elevate your event with a vibrant and exciting selection of bouncy castles from Gloricious. Contact us now for renting bounce houses of your favorite theme!

Colour ball pit fun with jumping castles

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