Happy Family 阖家安康


  • Begin your wonderful new year with a grateful heart and thank for your special someone with our Gloricious CNY hamper. Order your CNY hamper and be delivered between 3 January 2023 to 20 January 2023.

12 items are included in this hamper!

  • Camara Vino Tinto 75CL
  • Fortune Sea Asparagus 425gm
  • Imperial Dried Abalone 80gm
  • Premium Dried Mushroom 50g
  • T24 Ferrero Rocher 1pc
  • Hongkong ZPX Egg Rolls 160gm
  • Tip Top Pineapple Cookie 102gm
  • Hosen Longan 565gm
  • Hosen Lychee 565gm
  • Camel Prawn Sauce Cracker 60gm
  • Gorgeous Cane Basket 1 pc
  • Chinese New Year Card 1 pc

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