Q: How do I book a bouncy castle and why it is only “add to reservation list”?

A: Simply select the castle that best suits your theme and “add to reservation list”. The bouncy castle will be under reserve status. In event that the castle was already being booked as a same time slot as yours, Gloricious will notify you for selection of alternate castle. If the castle is available, your order will be processed from the reservation list and notify you with a confirmation.

Q: How do I ensure that the bouncy castle is safe for playing?

A: Our professional setup team will be setting up the bouncy castle for you and check for any defects that may affect the functionality of the bouncy castle. You will also be brief on the safety requirement on the use of the bouncy castle.

Q: Is the bouncy castle hygienic for kids use?

A: Bouncy castle are maintained in various ways by Gloricious. Sanitisation will also be done on the spot to ensure that any germs be removed before the kids start playing.

Q: What happen if the bouncy castle is damaged?

A: Adult should immediately evacuate any kids in the bouncy castle and contact Gloricious. A replacement fee will be levied for damaging the bouncy castle depends on its severity.

Q: If my venue is not able to accommodate the bouncy castle what should I do?

A: Please check the dimension of the bouncy castle in the listing. The measurement will requires another 1 meter around the castle to have enough room space for landing when sliding down. If your area is not sufficient despite all means taken to fit the bouncy castle, you will be levied $30 for the reimbursement of the transportation . The balance of the payment paid will be brought forward to your next purchase.

Q: Can I have a refund if my event is cancel?

A: Full refund will be given for cancellation more than 48 hours from party start time. Party’s host is required to notify Gloricious via phone call, messages or email of the cancellation. For cancellation less than 48 hours from party start time, there will be strictly no refund. However party’s host can postpone the order to a later date once. Subsequent cancellation will not be considered for postpone and payment will be forfeited.

Q: Can I place the bouncy castle outdoor?

A: Bouncy castle is recommended for indoor usage due to various safety reasons. However if party host requires for outdoor usage and met with adverse weather conditions in the midst of play, the bouncy castle needs to be discontinued and shift to a dry place. Please be reminded that the bouncy castle blower runs on electricity and should not be exposed to water at any point in time. A cleaning charge of minimum $50 or more will also be levied if the bouncy castle is wet.
In situation of foreseeable wet weather based on weather forecast, Gloricious reserves the rights whether to set the bouncy castle. Full refund will be given if castle is not set and delivery personnel is yet to be at event area, otherwise a delivery charge of $15 will be levied if the delivery personnel is at event area and castle will not be set.

Q: Why is it necessary to supervise the children while playing?

A: When children are too overwhelmed in playing, they may start to get rowdy and rough towards each other. If adult is around to supervise, it will control the situation immediately to avoid any injury.

Q: Will there be manpower provided to supervise the children when they are playing in the bouncy castle?

A: Price of the bouncy castle only includes the rental duration. Additional manpower can be requested to supervise the children at $30/hour.

Q: What are the DON’Ts when playing bouncy castle?


  • Don’t wear and bring watches or jewellery
  • Don’t wear shoes
  • Don’t carry sharp objects (eg: scissor, keys)
  • Don’t eat and drink
  • Don’t slide down the slide with head down or backward
  • Don’t flip or tumble
  • Don’t push each other and rough play
  • Don’t jump on sliding surface.

Q: Can I modify the content of a package?

A: Packages are specially designed for different sizes of parties. Items provided in each package will be for number of children as stated in the package. If items in the package is not sufficient for your party, you may like to select the next level package or purchase on ala carte basis.

Q: Does the bouncy castle’s blower needs to be on throughout the party?

A: As the bouncy castle is not an air tight type of inflatable. It will require the blower to be on throughout the party. It will produce a small amount of noise and will be overtaken by the roaring atmosphere of your party.